40+ Gift Certificate Templates for Any Occasion


Gift Certificate is a piece of paper which is given to someone as a gift to be redeemed at particular store or services. It is usually issued by banks or retailers as part of their promotion. It is common for companies or people to purchase gift certificates from specific retailers to be given for their customers or relatives. If you are working in big retailers or banks, you won’t have to worry about designing specific gift certificates because they usually will order in big quantities to printed companies where gift certificate designs are part of their services. But, if you are working in a small retailer or stores, or you own small businesses that need less than 100 gift certificates, you might think about creating it by yourself as well as printing them. In this case, you may need gift certificate templates that represent your business. Here, you can select and download from more than 40 gift certificate templates to be customized in Microsoft Word to suit your own business. There are three copies of templates within one single letter size page.

Photography Gift Certificate Templates
This gift certificate templates are fit with your relatives or friends that are starting to learn on how to make a good pictures with their cameras and consider about taking a short course that will develop their photography skills but have doubts on choosing the suitable photography courses. From the course side, you can use this template, change its background with your own photos and distribute them as a free trial voucher to join your course.

Gift Certificate Template Word - Photography

Gift Certificate Template Word for Photography Course

  Photography Gift Certificate - Non Cash Value (44.7 KiB, 465 hits)

  Photography Gift Certificate - Cash Value (40.5 KiB, 349 hits)

  Photography Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (42.3 KiB, 346 hits)

Manicure Pedicure Nail Gift Certificate Templates
If you are opening a new saloon, especially focusing on nails, you can use these templates as gift certificates to gather new customers. And you might sell them with special discounts to your loyal customers so they can come to your saloon without bringing cash.

Gift Certificate Template for Nail Saloon

  Manicure-Pedicure-Nail Gift Certificate - Manicure Background (188.1 KiB, 519 hits)

  Manicure-Pedicure-Nail Gift Certificate - Cash Value (46.3 KiB, 393 hits)

Electronic Gift Certificate Templates
These templates are aimed to you who manage electronic retail stores where you can sell these gift certificates to your customers as discount on electronic equipment prices if your customer’s relatives or friends are planning to buy some electronic products/gadgets, for examples mobile phones, laptops, camera etc.

Gift Certificate Template for Electronic/Gadget Store

  Electronic Gift Certificate - Cash Value (37.3 KiB, 347 hits)

  Electronic Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (56.1 KiB, 325 hits)

Hotel Gift Certificate Templates
In this modern era where booking hotels are mostly done from internet, having printed hotel vouchers could be uncommon one. Is it? It is still common though. And if you are managing a small hotels, this printed gift certificates could give you some benefits because you can sell it in advance to your customers where at the end, the holders of those vouchers can use it any time by confirming their staying time.

Gift Certificate for Hotel Business

Room Rental Business Gift Certificate Template

  Hotel Gift Certificate - Room Background (169.5 KiB, 428 hits)

  Hotel Gift Certificate - Cash Value (62.7 KiB, 419 hits)

Fishing Gift Certificate Templates
These fishing gift certificate templates are suitable for you who plan to promote your fishing trip packages to new customers. By distributing for free or sell to loyal customers, your business could get more attention which will make your fishing trip business get some profit. Adding some on field lessons as part of your fishing courses could also be attractive.

Gift Certificate for Fishing Trip

  Fishing Gift Certificate - Fish Background (872.8 KiB, 687 hits)

  Fishing Gift Certificate - Hook Background (104.3 KiB, 661 hits)

  Fishing Gift Certificate - Cash Value (44.5 KiB, 413 hits)

Wedding Gift Certificate Templates
Instead of giving money as wedding presents, giving wedding gift certificate templates could become an alternative. And it would easier also for you who run wedding related business to make sure your customer don’t go to your competitor.

Wedding Gift Certificate Template

  Wedding Gift Certificate - Wedding Background (284.3 KiB, 358 hits)

  Wedding Gift Certificate - Ring Background (30.3 KiB, 352 hits)

  Wedding Gift Certificate - Cash Value (44.0 KiB, 297 hits)

  Wedding Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (41.0 KiB, 306 hits)

  Wedding Gift Certificate - Cash Value 3 (56.4 KiB, 286 hits)

Baby Gift Certificate Templates
These baby gift certificate templates are suitable for baby related businesses. For example, baby’s wear, toys, etc. You can replace pictures inside with your stores and sell them to your store visitors. It could be a good alternative to some visitors who can’t make decisions on finding the right gifts to be given to their friends or relatives who have new babies. With these vouchers, those new parents can come to your store and pick the most needed one based on those voucher values.

Gift Certificate - Baby


  Baby Gift Certificate - Baby Background (156.5 KiB, 309 hits)

  Baby Gift Certificate - Close Up Baby Background (54.7 KiB, 307 hits)

  Baby Gift Certificate - Cash Value (54.4 KiB, 303 hits)

  Baby Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (40.5 KiB, 298 hits)

Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates
Beaches are places where you can see plenty of people are offering tattoo services. And you can see also there are plenty of kiosk near those beaches are offering the same services. If you owned a tattoo kiosk, you might consider of having a tattoo gift certificates to promote your kiosks. You can sell it with discounts to your current customers where they might give them to their friends who are going with them to make sure that they are coming to your kiosks instead of going to your competitors. Or, you can distribute them to people on the street as discount vouchers for your tattoo services.

Gift Certificate for Tattoo Service

  Tattoo Gift Certificate - Tattoo Background (959.1 KiB, 312 hits)

  Tattoo Gift Certificate - Card (763.5 KiB, 333 hits)

  Tattoo Gift Certificate - Cash Value (57.0 KiB, 288 hits)

  Tattoo Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (63.1 KiB, 289 hits)

Travel Gift Certificate  Templates
If you see the picture, you will notice that these templates are related with travel businesses. It could be hotels (as additional templates on top of previous hotel gift certificates above), or luggage, or tour packages etc.

Gift Certificate for Travel Occasion

  Travel Gift Certificate - Luggage Background (89.4 KiB, 294 hits)

  Travel Gift Certificate - Card (104.8 KiB, 293 hits)

  Travel Gift Certificate - Cash Value (75.9 KiB, 298 hits)

  Travel Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (78.4 KiB, 285 hits)

Valentine Gift Certificate Templates
Like its name, it is aimed to be distributed or sold as part of celebrating Valentine Days on February. It is fit with flower stores, chocolate stores, fashion stores or any small business who utilize Valentine Days as part of promoting their products. With nice designs, people can give them to their lovers or spouses where they will notice directly that these vouchers are given because they care.

Gift Certificate for Chocolate Store

  Valentine Gift Certificate - Card (311.5 KiB, 260 hits)

  Valentine Gift Certificate - Chocolate Background (110.2 KiB, 237 hits)

  Valentine Gift Certificate - Love Background (41.1 KiB, 250 hits)

  Valentine Gift Certificate - Cash Value (54.2 KiB, 236 hits)

  Valentine Gift Certificate - Cash Value 2 (55.2 KiB, 231 hits)

General Gift Certificate Templates
If you can’t find the most suitable gift certificate templates from above samples, you can download and use the general one that can be used for any purposes.

Gift Certificate Templates for General Business

  Gift Certificate - General (28.1 KiB, 464 hits)

  Gift Certificate - General 2 (15.3 KiB, 435 hits)

  Gift Certificate - General 3 (15.5 KiB, 405 hits)

There are still plenty of gift certificate samples that you can find at other places. But, too many options will make you more confused. All gift certificate templates above are fully editable and free to be customized to meet your own style. You can start with any templates because all of them are sharing the same format. The different are only in words and background pictures.