Body Mass Index Calculator


Do you know that Microsoft Excel is not only usable for doing accounting works? This program is functional for different calculating works. It is even possible for you to use it to measure your body mass and define the weight level. Are you afraid of being overweight? It is necessary to make regular checkup.

Excel Body Mass Index Calculator

Excel Body Mass Index Calculator

Determining the exact thing whether you are overweight or not is not enough just by standing on weight measuring tool. You need to check it with the standard index of body mass (BMI). The calculation will include several factors, i.e. age, gender, height and weight. According to Adolphe Quelet, a Belgium statistician, the formula of BMI is weight / height x meters. Doing the manual calculation is probably a time wasting work. Therefore, to check whether you are having underweight, normal, overweight or obese, you can simply use BMI Calculator. This tool can be made easily on Microsoft Excel. The template will consists of name, age, gender, current information on height and weight, and also the BMI as the calculation result. Besides that, it also needs supporting table which shows the different level of BMI range, status and position.

To check whether you have ideal body mass by seeing the reflection on the mirror is not enough. It is true that you can see the flat abs. But for obtaining an exact BMI position, you should use the relevant calculator.