Invoice Templates


Invoices are important parts of every kind of businesses. They are official documents to charge clients where they consist amount of money that should be paid and its due dates. Big companies usually generate invoices using their common of custom-made finance and accounting softwares while small companies or individual entities are usually using Microsoft Excel or Word to create those invoices.

Invoice Templates for Microsoft Excel, Word and Openoffice Writer

Here, you will find several useful templates created using Microsoft and Open/Libre Office suites.

Invoice Templates for Microsoft Excel – with Automatic Function

The most common tool to create invoices is Microsoft Excel. With its wide range of ready-to-use financial formulas as well as its general formulas, this tool is the best one to help people create any kind of financial sheets, in this case invoices. You can start to create it from the scratch by aligning its cell rows and columns, add your company and client information and other important information in it. If you don’t know how to start it, you can look for invoice templates to be used as references. There are many of them that are ready to be used by typing needed information as well.

Excel Invoice Template with Automatic Function

If you are looking for an excel invoice template with basic automatic functions that has features as follows :
– Records and keep transaction history
– Automates sum calculation of each invoices
– Accommodates several type of transactions (services and products)
– Has account receivable function to track payment
– Has summary of all invoices

You can try this one. It has all features written above. As you can see in screenshot above, there are six different invoices you can generate where all data will be recorded to be pulled when you need it easily. Once you set all needed parameters in this spreadsheet, you can start generate your invoices. Several features are not available in free version and number of generated invoices are limited as well.

It is compatible with Excel for Windows and Mac which should ease you on switching this templates from any computers with different Excel and OS version. There is a detail instruction on how to use it inside the spreadsheet or you can visit the author site.

  Invoice Templates Creator Lite (306.4 KiB, 465 hits)

Invoice Templates for Microsoft Excel, Word and OpenOffice Writer – Form Only

These invoice templates are suitable for you who need templates with certain layouts where you can modify them to meet your company’s styles. Different business models require different layouts. For example, invoice for service businesses usually won’t need quantity column while invoice for retail business will need that kind of column.

In Excel version, you can duplicate the worksheet as many as you want to keep the records. If you want to make a summary of the transaction, you should create a specific worksheet to do that.

In word version, you should plan and create easy to use invoice filename structure to help you find particular invoice easily when you need it. Commonly, you can use a combination of number, month-date-year, client and total amount data as your filename. And keep it in the same folder. And you have to be careful with putting numbers inside it. Because Microsoft Word doesn’t have automatic calculator to sum all of numbers that you type inside. Using mail-merge functions, that can be set to get the date from Microsoft Excel, could solve your problem. You just need to learn how to create and use it properly. It is applied to OpenOffice and LibreOffice Writer version as well.

Retail Product Invoice
This one is a common invoice to charge your customers based on number of item quantities they purchase.

Retail Product Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Retail Product Invoice for Word (102.0 KiB, 380 hits)

  Retail Product Invoice for Excel (19.0 KiB, 342 hits)

Rental Invoice
This invoice fits for you who manage a car/motorcycle/bicycle and other kind of rental businesses since it has columns for rental period. There are 3 models you can select based on your rental item.

Rental Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Rental Invoice for Excel (28.3 KiB, 291 hits)

  Rental Invoice for Word (84.0 KiB, 293 hits)

  Rental Invoice for Writer (110.9 KiB, 237 hits)

Photography Invoice
You will need this if you are a wedding photographer or have a photography related business. There are tables for your services and for number of printed photos and other items that needed to be charged based on units.

Photography Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Photography Invoice for Writer (77.2 KiB, 241 hits)

  Photography Invoice for Excel (20.4 KiB, 239 hits)

Auto Repair Invoice
Invoice for car repair businesses. There are columns for car parts that are being repaired/replaced and for your services.

Auto Repair Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Auto Repair Invoice for Excel (12.8 KiB, 297 hits)

  Auto Repair Invoice for Word (94.0 KiB, 327 hits)

  Auto Repair Invoice for Writer (59.5 KiB, 239 hits)

Freelance Invoice
This one is suitable for you who accept a freelance business since it has project period column that you can fill with number of hours.

Freelance Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Freelance Invoice for Excel (31.9 KiB, 238 hits)

  Freelance Invoice for Writer (76.9 KiB, 285 hits)

  Freelance Invoice for Word (57.5 KiB, 281 hits)

Contractor Invoice
You can use this invoice if you want to charge your customer for a particular project, for example home renovation.

Consultant Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Contractor Invoice for Excel (13.7 KiB, 347 hits)

  Contractor Invoice for Word (93.0 KiB, 275 hits)

  Contractor Invoice for Writer (61.5 KiB, 269 hits)

Consultant Invoice
If you give advices to your client, for example law, medical, development advices, you might want to charge your clients based on its consultation hours duration. And this invoice should fit your needs.

Consultant Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Consultant Invoice for Excel (30.8 KiB, 257 hits)

  Consultant Invoice for Word (86.6 KiB, 270 hits)

  Consultant Invoice for Writer (77.6 KiB, 234 hits)

Plumbing Invoice
This is a type of invoice that should fit for plumbers. You can select between charging your clients based on services only or based on services and parts being replaced.

Plumbing Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Plumbing Invoice for Excel (20.6 KiB, 253 hits)

  Plumbing Invoice for Word (58.8 KiB, 307 hits)

  Plumbing Invoice for Writer (79.0 KiB, 213 hits)

Proforma Invoice
These are kind of invoices that are popular among Asian business companies, especially China’s.

Proforma Invoice Templates for Excel, Word and Writer

  Proforma Invoice for Word (56.0 KiB, 328 hits)

Commercial Invoice
If you shipped your items to other countries, usually you will be asked for this document. It should explain more detail information about your item in order to pass immigration check either in origin or destination countries. You can find columns for your company as exporter and your client as consignee. And there is tax ID, gross weight, description of commodity, HS code, country of manufacturer and others. The requirement could be different for each countries. Make sure you read your export guidance to fill its needed information correctly so you won’t have any difficulties in its destination countries, especially if you send it for the first time.

Commercial Invoice Templates for Word and Writer

  Commercial Invoice for Word (35.5 KiB, 296 hits)

  Commercial Invoice for Writer (17.1 KiB, 244 hits)

All invoice templates  are free to be modified to suit your own business, except the first template that requires an upgrade to the paid version.