2015 Year Calendar (Word/Writer)

2015 Calendar Templates

Year 2015 is about to come. Have you plan anything for that year? Or are you a kind of person who will see what will happen day by day without planning anything?

If it come to 2015 calendar terms, people usually see it only as a reminder to find what date is the day when they want to do something or celebrate some events. And sometimes, they usually forget because they didn’t mark it in the calendar.

There are plenty of calendar models you can buy anywhere, usually in bookstore, especially within 1-2 months before current year is ended. Or, instead of buying it, you also should receive it as souvenirs from fastfood restaurants, banks, auto repairs, who put their logo on their calendars to remind you about their brands while seeing the calendars.

But, almost all of them are fixed and printed calendars where you have to mark or circle the date manually using markers. And they are not suitable for planning purposes. So, if you are looking for 2015 calendar templates that can be personalized by yourself, you can take a look at plenty of Microsoft and Open office calendar templates here. Calendars built with Excel or Calc will have some automatic function to easily map your plans or events into the calendars while calendars built with Word or Writer will give you flexibility to personalize its layout to meet your own requirements.

These are all 2015 Microsoft and Office Calendar template collection divided into 3 models, 2015 year linear calendar, 2015 year tabular calendar and 2015 monthly calendar.

2015 Year Linear Calendar
These calendars are suitable for people who like to plan and see it marked in horizontal markers. It is useful if you want to put a full plan into the calendar and see the color bar as you can see in a Gantt Chart, like creating your apartment renovation plan. And there are many other needs that you think you might see it better using this calendar.

2015 Linear Calendar for Excel
2015 Linear Calendar (Excel)

There are 2 models. The first one is an Excel model where you can type your events in date tables below the calendar and see it mapped automatically inside the calendar while the second one is a Word model where you have to mark it manually, by changing its cell background and font colors, before you print it.

2015 Linear Calendar for Word
2015 Linear Calendar (Word)

  2015 Linear Calendar (Excel) (75.7 KiB, 3,776 hits)

  2015 Linear Calendar - Full Dates (Word) (22.9 KiB, 2,524 hits)

  2015 Linear Calendar - Dates only on Related Month (Word) (21.8 KiB, 1,603 hits)

2015 Year Tabular Calendar
These calendars are the most common calendars that you might find in several internet sites. You might also have used the same since it is the same calendars that you have downloaded here one year ago for year 2014. Like the previous one, the excel calendars will allow you to set your events in event worksheet, separated from calendar worksheet. Your events, either it is a single or multi days event will be transformed into vary cell background colors that you can see clearly in calendar worksheet. You have to print both worksheets to see calendar as well as its event descriptions.

2015 Year Calendar - Excel
2015 Year Calendar (Excel)

  2015 Calendar Portrait (Excel) (77.8 KiB, 1,706 hits)

  2015 Calendar Landscape (Excel) (77.6 KiB, 2,284 hits)

If you want to have both your event descriptions and dates within a single page, you can use these calendars below. It is specifically designed to accommodate it by having note tables next to respective months. It has some limitation because it will allow you to mark fixed dates and maximum dates that can be accommodated are eight dates. It is more suitable for you who doesn’t have many events or plans.

2015 Year Calendar with Note - Excel
2015 Year Calendar with Note (Excel)

  2015 Calendar Portrait Horizontal With Notes (Excel) (71.6 KiB, 1,654 hits)

  2015 Calendar Portrait Vertical With Notes (Excel) (71.5 KiB, 1,299 hits)

If you are looking a 2015 calendar with automatic date marker function as well as a capability to add your own pictures or photos, you might try this new one. This is a single page calendar where you can change its background with your favorite picture, for example, you can put your family photos, your football/basketball team favorite pictures, or you can put your own beautiful scenery image. You can customize it easily.

2015 Photo Calendar - Excel
2015 Photo Calendar (Excel)

  2015 Landscape Photo Calendar (Excel) (235.0 KiB, 1,077 hits)

If you just need a plain 2015 year calendar where you only want to modify its layout and perhaps mark events manually after you print it, you can download the Word/Writer models. It is just a one page calendar with dates.

2015 Year Calendar (Word/Writer)
2015 Year Calendar (Word/Writer)

  2015 Calendar (Word) (27.3 KiB, 3,716 hits)

  2015 Year Calendar (Writer) (19.9 KiB, 1,927 hits)

2015 Monthly Calendar
Last year, there is only one type of 2015 monthly calendar for Word/Writer available in this site. Now, you can have it in Excel where you can easily add your events in respective table and see it mapped into respective months, and vice versa. These two monthly calendars will give you more flexibility of managing your plans where some of you might like to have this model where you can see the plans mapped monthly and see its description below its dates.

2015 Monthly Calendar (Excel)
2015 Monthly Calendar (Excel)

The word/writer models are also available. You can download those calendars below. It is suitable for you who just need a plain calendar where you can print it and do manual date marking with those printed calendars.

2015 Monthly Calendar (Word/Writer)
2015 Monthly Calendar (Word/Writer)

  2015 Monthly Calendar (Word) (36.4 KiB, 5,188 hits)

  January 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 1,724 hits)

  February 2015 Calendar (Word) (18.9 KiB, 1,137 hits)

  March 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.2 KiB, 995 hits)

  April 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 974 hits)

  May 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 992 hits)

  June 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 1,155 hits)

  July 2015 Calendar (Word) (18.9 KiB, 1,257 hits)

  August 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.2 KiB, 1,339 hits)

  September 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 1,332 hits)

  October 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 1,297 hits)

  November 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.2 KiB, 1,249 hits)

  December 2015 Calendar (Word) (19.0 KiB, 1,249 hits)

  2015 Monthly Calendar (Writer) (17.7 KiB, 1,823 hits)

  2015 Monthly Calendar - Landscape (Writer) (16.7 KiB, 2,754 hits)

Remember that those calendars are free for personal use. You can find more detail instruction in their author websites. Some calendars, especially the excel version, need you to purchase a license to unlock and put your own logo/brand.