Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet for Excel

2015 Rugby World Cup Spreadsheets

Rugby World Cup 2015 will be held in England. It will commence at 18th September and it will end at 31st October 2015. 20 countries are participating in this tournament where they will be divided into 4 groups. There are 5 countries in each group where they will meet each other once. Top 2 countries from each groups will be advance to quarterfinals.

2015 Rugby World Cup Fixtures and Scoresheet
This is a one page excel spreadsheet where group and knock out stages are organized to fit within one letter-size page. Equipped with group ranking and knock out bracket placement formula, it will help you track the progress of each country once respective match is completed. You can adjust its date and time to suit your own date and time manually. There are tournament rules put in this fixtures to remind you on applied rules when two or more countries within the same groups are sharing the same points.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet for Excel
Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet (Excel)

You can start download and try to fill the scores before the real scores have to be put inside score boxes.

  2015 Rugby World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet (323.7 KiB, 2,245 hits)

2015 Rugby World Cup Sweepstakes
Following the fixtures, the author of the above spreadsheet created a prediction game spreadsheet you can use with this tournament. There are several options you can choose in this spreadsheet. You can set it as a one time prediction game or as a real match prediction game. If you set it as a one time prediction game, you can collect prediction from all of players once, type it in Players Prediction worksheet and then see their point and standing progress every time one match is completed. Equipped with separate winners and runner ups formulas for each players, players that have different qualified team results could be eliminated.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Sweepstake Template for Excel
Rugby World Cup 2015 Sweepstake Template (Excel)

If you choose to apply the latter, you have to collect prediction at least before one game is started. Players can continue the game until final match even though their group stages prediction produced different winners and runner ups compared with real results, because this option is based on real matches. It is up to you to select the method that may suit your needs.

There are other bonus points you can implement in your sweepstakes. Download the file below to learn more about this sweepstakes rules and options.

  2015 Rugby World Cup Sweepstakes (1.0 MiB, 1,129 hits)