2016-2017 School Calendar 5

2016/2017 School Calendar Templates

Months from June until August are usually busy months for school managers/teachers to prepare their school programs for the next 2016/2017 school term. They have to coordinate with any institutions and parties that will be involved in their school agendas.

And as usual, here are school calendar templates that they or you, as school employees who responsible for managing those agendas, might use to help them map and organize their plans in calendar visualization.

2016/2017 School Calendar Templates for Microsoft Excel

These are the latest school calendar templates for year 2016/2017. More models have been created to give school teachers/managers more options to pick the most suitable calendar for their school purposes. There are additional functions in each excel calendars that will ease them setting up their calendars.

In this new models, they don’t have to pick calendars based on different starting/end months, period and starting day of the week. These settings can be set by selecting those parameters from setup boxes and have it automatically adjusted within a single calendar spreadsheet. It should ease them not to type events multiple times if they want to change the appearance of those calendars.

There are several models that can be selected and used for free as follows :

Model 1

2016-2017 School Calendar 1

This is a regular model that you might have used it yearly. Now, it comes within a single calendar worksheet only. You can select month of July, August or September as your starting month, select 12 or 13 months as its term period, and select Sunday or Monday as its starting day of each week.

Events information are still placed in separate worksheet. Printed calendar will consist only months arranged in table format. Dates are still colorized based on event dates typed in event tables.

  Excel School Calendar Model 1 (448.0 KiB, 638 hits)

Model 2

2016-2017 School Calendar 2

This model will allow you to have events information typed with the same page with the calendar. But, you must separate single event dates and period event dates. Single and period event dates may have similar color since color markers are based on codes typed at the left side of respective event dates.

  Excel School Calendar Model 2 (473.0 KiB, 714 hits)

Model 3

2016-2017 School Calendar 3

How to set this calendar is similar with model one. The differences are in calendar format, where this model map months and dates in horizontal placement and event descriptions are placed at the bottom of them. Using a printer setting, you can print calendar only or calendar with event description.

  Excel School Calendar Model 3 (442.4 KiB, 664 hits)

Model 4

2016-2017 School Calendar 4

This is one of three new models available for free. Event dates can be typed in chronological order in this model. It could make you group those dates into quarterly or semester terms. Single and period dates can be typed together within the same column. There are dummy dates typed in this model to help you understand to use it quickly.

  Excel School Calendar Model 4 (473.9 KiB, 627 hits)

Model 5

2016-2017 School Calendar 5

All new models will have single and period dates typed within the same column. This model will have you to type it similarly but you don’t have to select month name. You just need to type it in respective month tables.

  Excel School Calendar Model 5 (462.8 KiB, 597 hits)

Model 6

2016-2017 School Calendar 6

Like model 4 and 5, all new models also introduce new functions that will allow you to show/hide color codes so you won’t see it in your printed calendars, and to show/hide event description colors. Setup boxes are at the right side of each calendars.

  Excel School Calendar Model 6 (493.1 KiB, 627 hits)

This model has other layout that you can choose if you want to show your event descriptions next to respective months.

All 2016/2017 school calendar templates above are free but protected. They need a minimum Excel 2007 for Windows or Excel 2008 for Mac to make all color functions work properly. You might get more information in its author side or you can read it in About section in each spreadsheet. There is commercial information you can read as well if you want to fully utilized these spreadsheets for your school purposes.

2016/2017 School Calendar Templates for Microsoft Word

School calendar templates for Microsoft Word are not available yet. They will be put in here once they are available.