2018 Calendar Templates

2018 Calendar Templates

2018 calendar templates are templates you can customize with your Office Suite choice. Most of them are free. Templates that require you to purchase for customization are templates for Microsoft Excel. These templates should fit you who wants to put your important events before printing it. You may also adjust their layout to fit your book size, if you want to have it as your book insertion.

2018 Calendar Templates

Microsoft Word and Open/Libre Office Writer version should be enough if you don’t have much agendas and you prefer to write new agenda in printable calendar. You should choose the Microsoft Excel and Open/Libre Office Calc version if you want to have your calendar colorized for different agendas or events. These templates should fit you as students or employees who want to arrange your studying time or vacation time. Also, you can share it with your friends and colleagues over email or messenger without worrying any mistyping. It will also give them options to update and send it back to you.

Calendar Templates for Microsoft Word and Open/Libre Office Writer

You may choose and download calendar templates below. There are icons at the left side to ease you on choosing particular file that suit your needs. You will get more templates in Word than in Writer since the calendar is designed primarily for Word. I will put more templates when they are available.

  2018 Calendar Template - One Page.xlsx (621.2 KiB, 1,223 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Middle Notes.xlsx (681.2 KiB, 811 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Linear.xlsx (607.9 KiB, 773 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Right Notes.xlsx (636.5 KiB, 762 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template.ods (21.3 KiB, 1,093 hits)

Calendar Templates for Microsoft Excel and Open/Libre Office Calc.

Due to conditional formatting limitation in Open/Libre Office suite, there are not much variation can be applied in particular templates. There are Excel calendar templates with variety layouts that should fit your specific needs. For example, for students, teachers or business employees you might find that linear calendar is fit you more than others. It is a matter of layouts and the number of event markers that can be put inside the calendars.

  2018 Calendar Template - One Page.docx (31.0 KiB, 701 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Linear.docx (24.8 KiB, 648 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Monthly.docx (39.0 KiB, 942 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template.odt (20.6 KiB, 749 hits)

As informed, most of those calendar templates are free for customization. You may change its colors, fonts and others to meet your own style. There are more 2018 calendar templates you can get from the author website that you can see inside those templates.