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Accounting Templates for Excel

These are general accounting templates you can use for recording and reporting your company’s financial transaction daily. To use these templates, you may need basic accounting knowledge since there are particular accounting terms and methods for recording particular transactions. These templates are also suitable for people who use double-entry book keeping method on recording their daily transaction. What is the benefit of having double entry book keeping transaction? The main benefit is people can easily map all transactions into company financial report automatically. Financial report is a main parameter to evaluate particular company’s performance. Investors can easily see how profitable the company is by seeing its income statement. Investors also can see the value of its company from balance sheet report.

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There are plenty of accounting software for this accounting purpose, but only a few that people can find in Microsoft Excel. These accounting templates below are free individual accounting templates where there is a paid version that integrate all individual templates to form financial report automatically. Here are all of them:

Accounting Journals Templates

In accounting, journal is interpreted as any financial transactions that are recorded in chronological order within one accounting period. You can find several type of journals, like general journal and special journals, where they are used in different business categories. For example, business that only give services to their customers usually need general journal only, while business that sell products need special journals to complement general journal. All accounting journal templates below have similar format. You can also duplicate them for other type of journals.

Because these individual journals are part of integrated accounting template, you may use the Chart of Accounts worksheet to classify each financial transactions. You will see this Chart of Accounts useful when you create a report where you need to pull respective data into respective month in its financial report.

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All journals have debit and credit columns that needs to be balanced. Remember, these templates accommodate double entry book keeping method, so you must classify one transaction into at least one debit and one credit account.

General Journal Template

General journal is a journal where you can type all of the transactions, cash and non-cash transaction. In service type companies, you will need this journal only. For company who sell products, like distributors or retailers, you use this general journal for non sales and purchase transactions. Sales and purchase transactions will be recorded in special journals.

General Journal Template

  General Journal Template (169.5 KiB, 1,372 hits)

Special Journals Templates

There are three special journal templates you can download. Sales and Purchase journals where you can record any non-cash transaction for respective sales and purchase categories, and Cash Journal to record cash transaction for all Sales and Purchase Category.

Special Journal Template

  Special Journal Template (177.8 KiB, 1,200 hits)

Some inputs might needs to separated manually, like bank loan payment where you need to separate its principal and interest. You can use loan amortization calculator to help you separate it correctly.

Adjusting Journal Template

You may need this journal to type any transaction that can’t be put into general and special journals. For example, inventory value calculation. This amount needs to be written for financial report purposes, like in balance sheet and income statement.

Adjusting Journal Template

  Adjusting Journal Template (168.2 KiB, 1,354 hits)

General Ledger Template

In integrated accounting template, you don’t have to do anything with this template. The excel formula has done its work by grouping similar categories or Chart of Accounts from different journals into one table.

In this individual template, you must write all transactions of similar Chart of Accounts into one worksheet. You can duplicate the worksheet for other accounts to continue recording the transactions. Basically, it is a redundant task if you have to fill both accounting journals and general ledger table.

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General Ledger Template

Remember to set balance method in each worksheets. You can set it either debit – credit or credit – debit. It depends on the account characteristic.

  General Ledger Template (180.6 KiB, 1,175 hits)

Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet statement is one of important financial report that will show any investors or company’s owners their company’s value within one accounting period. In general balance sheet format, they will see their assets value at the left side and their liabilities and capital values at the right side.

OfficetemplateNET - Balance Sheet

There are five worksheets in this template. The first worksheet is a Chart of Accounts worksheet where you can classify your financial transaction data. The second worksheet is a balance sheet format worksheet where you can select any accounts and type respective values to be shown in balance sheet report. Remaining worksheets are report worksheets. You will get two automatic report worksheets and one manual report worksheet. In manual report worksheet, you can create your own report with your own format.

  Balance Sheet Report Template (193.7 KiB, 1,180 hits)

Income Statement Template

Similar with balance sheet statement spreadsheet, you will get five worksheets. Define Chart of Accounts classification in the first worksheet and format your profit and loss report in PnL format worksheet. There are two models of income statement visualization that you will see in PnL Report-1 and Report-2 worksheets automatically. PnL Report-3 worksheet will allow you to create your own profit and loss report from the scratch. To remind you, income statement or profit and loss statement aims to show you how profitable is your business within one accounting period. Any negative values should warn you to prepare new strategy to keep your company in right profit direction.

OfficetemplateNET - Income Statement

There are dummy data for trading/retail company type of business where there are cost of sales/cost of goods sold used as income subtraction for calculating gross profit/loss values.

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  Profit and Loss Statement Template (192.5 KiB, 1,230 hits)

Cash Flow Statement Templates

Investors or company’s owners see this cash flow statement to evaluate company’s health in terms of cash flow. There are three elements to present required financial transaction. Those are :

  • Operating activities. Values are usually taken from income and expenses in balance sheet report.
  • Investing activities. It is related with assets in balance sheet report.
  • Financing activities. Values are taken from owner’s capital and liabilities in balance sheet report.

And, there are two general methods to present this report. Direct Method and Indirect Method.

Direct Method Cash Flow Statement Template

This one is a simple method where it basically reports cash income and expenses in gross. This template is already filled with dummy accounts and financial data that should help you understand this method. You can replace them with your own financial data.

  Cash Flow Report Template - Direct Method (179.0 KiB, 1,135 hits)

Indirect Method  Cash Flow Statement Template

This method takes into account non cash transaction and any adjustment with net profit. Dummy data in this template should help you understand this indirect method. Once you understand it, you can replace it with your own data.

  Cash Flow Report Template - Indirect Method (179.4 KiB, 1,196 hits)

Equity Report Template

This report will show you status of owner’s capital within one accounting period. If you are the owner of the company, you will see your shares values in this report.

  Equity Report Template (172.3 KiB, 1,183 hits)

Above templates are part of integrated accounting templates that you can purchase if you want to have your financial transaction processed automatically in financial reports. Also, there is a free version of the complete worksheet that you can download as well. You can read more detail in PRO worksheet in each downloaded templates.