Calorie Intake Calculator (Excel/Calc)

Calorie Calculators

Everyone tries to live as healthy as possible. However, there are just a few people who bother themselves to measure and manage their calorie in relation with their healthy lifestyle. These templates below are calorie calculators created in Microsoft Excel, where some of them also already being converted into Openoffice/Libreoffice Calc, to examine any calories amount you will burn or get based on food type or your activities.

Calorie Intake Calculator
Calorie intake calculator is needed to calculate the amount of calorie that they should take every day, based on their activity category. The calorie will show different amount to different people. It is calculated with reference of their gender, age, height and weight.

Calorie Intake Calculator Template (Microsoft Excel/Openoffice Calc/Libreoffice Calc)
Calorie Intake Calculator (Excel/Calc)

How to Use this Excel/Calc Calorie Intake Calculator:

  • Fill the boxes of name, age, gender, height and weight exactly like the real details. You can change height and weight unit measurement from cms to feet and from kgs to pounds by moving your cursor to weight column and select it from the dropdown list
  • Choose one amongst five levels of daily activities from sedentary to extra active to represent the closest one with your activity.

You will see your the amount of calorie needed shown up at the right side of your chosen activity.

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Calorie Counter Calculator
Following the above calculator, you can use this calculator to calculate the amount of calories you take in every meal and every food or drink eaten every day, to help you keeping the amount of calories at the level you wanted it to be. Keeping one calorie counter will help to keep track of those calories. Yu will no longer need to try to memorize every single thing you eat and imaginatively calculate the amount of calories you have taken. Keeping the calorie counter as a note will be far more efficient and helpful because there is a physical record.

Calorie Counter Calculator Template (Microsoft Excel/Openoffice Calc/Libreoffice Calc)
Calorie Counter Calculator (Excel/Calc)

How to Use this Excel/Calc Calorie Counter Calculator:

  • Select the name of food and drink in the dropdown list in “Food/Drink Description” column
  • Put the amount of food or drink taken in the “Weight” column (in Oz)
  • “Type” column will revealed automatically, while “Calorie” column will show the amount of calorie of related food/drink selection where you can see the total of the calorie at the bottom of the column.

If you cannot find your food/drink in the dropdown list, you can try to select the closest one.

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  Calorie Counter Calculator (Openoffice/Libreoffice Calc) (34.7 KiB, 907 hits)

Calories Burned Calculator
Calories burned calculator is made to be used by the people who wish to be able to calculate the number of calories that they will burn every day in their daily basis. The aim for the calories burned calculator is to find out the exact total number of calories that will be burned during various activities in one day. The list will be consisted by all activities done in one day and each activity will have its own details of calories which are burned. The calories burned calculator is an excellent option that can be used by the people who live the healthy lifestyle by keeping the balance of calories intake and calories outtake. The calories burned calculator will also be useful for the people who are currently in diet to reduce weight. Every individual will have the different amount of total calories burned according to the activities done every day. The more active a person is, the more calories he will burn and that means, it will be better to take more foods to keep the balance unless if that person is aiming to lose weight.

Calories Burned Calculator Template (Microsoft Excel/Openoffice Calc/Libreoffice Calc)
Calories Burned Calculator (Excel/Calc)

How to Use this Excel/Calc Calories Burned Calculator:

  • Type name, gender, and age and body weight in available boxes. These are the basic information that will need to be filled
  • Select your daily activities in the column of “Daily Activities”
  • Write the duration of activities in minutes in the column of “Activities Time”.

You will see how much calories you have burned in “Calories Burned” column.

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