Scholarship Award Certificate Template

13 Free Certificate Templates for Word

These are collection of certificate templates written in Microsoft Word you can use as references to create your own certificates. Certificate is define as a document serving as evidence or as written testimony, as of status, qualifications, privileges, or the truth of something. Also it is also granted for a person who has completed their training or education courses. As evidence, this document will be useful to prove that you have passed particular education, training or courses, or you born on exact date, or you are married. Depends on type of certificates, each path of your life might require  you to provide one of these certificates.

There are plenty of certificate templates available to be download for free and here are some of them :

Scholarship Award Certificate Templates

Scholarship Award Certificate Template

This certificate is given to any students who are awarded scholarships to continue their education in their chosen schools. It could be part of school or particular institution programs. And there are plenty of reason to give a scholarship to particular student. It could be based on their good school marks, winner of certain academic or sport events, or they just don’t have enough funds to continue their schools.

  Scholarship Award Certificate (16.3 KiB, 1,441 hits)

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Training Certificate of Completion Templates

Certificate of Completion Template

This one is a common certificate where it is given when a person has completed particular training to improve his/her knowledge and skills. In some companies, this certificate is important to prove that their employees are qualified enough to be assign a specific job. For example, a mobile phone technician will be trusted to repair damaged mobile phones if they have passed training on mobile phone repair on mobile phone company. Sales people will be assigned to sell specific product if they already trained about their sales material. Training could be held internally or by sending particular employees to particular location/companies.

  Training Completion Certificate (20.5 KiB, 1,195 hits)

Membership Certificate Templates

Certificate of Membership Template

This is a kind of certificate that will be given when you apply for particular membership, like gym membership, or as a reward for becoming a member of certain organization.

  Membership Certificate (24.6 KiB, 976 hits)

Participation Certificate Templates

Certificate of Participation Template

This is another common certificate template where every event organizer are usually provided at the end of the events. For example, golf tournament. At the end of the tournament, the organizer will give each participant one certificate to certify that they are participating in the tournament.

  Golf Participation Certificate (34.0 KiB, 1,033 hits)

Golf Hole in One Certificate Templates

Hole in One Certificate Template

As a golf tournament participant, you might get a common tournament participation certificate. And if you participated in a lot of golf tournament, I don’t think you will put all of your certificates in your house walls. But, what if you got hole in one in one of your participation? I believe you will prioritize this one to be sticked on your wall, since it is a rare occasion. You can adopt this template to another special achievement, for example bowling perfect game achievement.

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  Hole in One Certificate (29.7 KiB, 1,068 hits)

Award of Excellence Certificate Templates

Award of Excellent Certificate Template

This certificate is awarded for any people who are doing great jobs on their works. It could be used for awarding students with extra ordinary achievement in their academic or employees with very good contribution to their companies.

  Award of Excellence Certificate (47.9 KiB, 877 hits)

Appreciation Certificate Templates

Certificate of Appreciation Template

This certificate is awarded as an honorary certificate that will be awarded to people who has contribute a lot to certain events or companies.

  Appreciation Certificate (19.6 KiB, 839 hits)

Recognition Certificate Templates

Certificate of Recognition Template

This certificate is awarded to people who has worked as volunteer during particular events. It could be school or organization events.

  Recognition Certificate (21.5 KiB, 905 hits)

Honor Roll Certificate Templates

Honor Roll Certificate Template

If you are looking to honor your employees, students, coaches, teachers for particular academic or job achievement, you can use this template as a reference to develop your own certificate.

  Honor Roll Certificate (21.7 KiB, 871 hits)

Employee of The Month Certificate Templates

Employee of the Month Certificate Template

By reading the title of the certificate, I believe you understand what this certificate will be used for. It is to reward any employees who have performed well in their jobs within a month. You might see this being put on the wall in several stores or fast food restaurants to appreciate their employees and to challenge all of their employees to be put on those walls.

  Employee of the Month Certificate (23.0 KiB, 829 hits)

Pet Birth Certificate Templates

Pet Certificate of Birth Template

There is no obligation for pets like cats or dogs to have this type of certificate. But, it will be nice to have to remind their owner about their pet’s birth date. Just in case, they want to celebrate it like human celebration.

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  Pet Birth Certificate (20.2 KiB, 746 hits)

Pet Adoption Certificate Templates

Pet Adoption Certificate Template

If you purchase a pet from some pet stores, you might need it to make sure that you adopt them legally and it will give you a legal standing when there are some disputes in the future.

  Pet Adoption Certificate (20.3 KiB, 818 hits)

Marriage Certificate Templates

Marriage Certificate Template

Usually, you are not creating this by yourself. But you can download and use it as a reference.

  Marriage Certificate (20.4 KiB, 799 hits)

You can modify all of certificate templates above to suit your own events. It is as easy as replacing its title with your own title. More certificate templates will be added to complete the collection in the future.

Other issue that usually arise is, how to change the name in this Microsoft Word certificate templates and print it quickly. To solve it, you can use mail-merge function provided by Microsoft Word to accommodate that. Many tutorials about it that you can read. But, if you are looking for a shortcut, you can read this Mass Printing Certificate article.