Copa America 2016 Schedule and Pool Spreadsheets

Copa America 2016 Schedule and Pool Spreadsheets

Following spreadsheets for Euro soccer tournament, you might be looking for similar spreadsheets for Copa America 2016 that will be held within the same period with that Euro tournament. These are spreadsheets that you can download and use for American continent biggest soccer tournament. It is called Copa America Centenario tournament because it is held to celebrate its 100-year anniversary that fall on this year.

Copa America 2016 Schedule and Pool Spreadsheets
Copa America 2016 Schedule and Pool Spreadsheets

In this event, you should see Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, they are team mates in Barcelona, are fighting each other to lead their countries to become a Champion. They will play in USA this time.

Format of this tournament is the same with previous one. It consists 16 teams where they will be divided into 4 groups. Winners and Runner Ups from each groups will advance to single elimination rounds until the champion is revealed in 28th June.

Copa America 2016 Schedule/Scoresheet

You can use this spreadsheet as a schedule or a scoresheet. It has a schedule that you can personalize with your own language and timezone as well. And you can play around with your prediction scores before entering real scores in respective score boxes. It is already equipped with excel formulas that will rank each team in group standings automatically based on official tie-breaker regulation every time you enter scores in each group matches. Qualified teams will be placed in quarterfinals brackets automatically as well where you can continue typing the scores until the final match. You will see respective country’s flags shown next to each country.

Copa America 2016 Schedule for Excel
Copa America 2016 Schedule for Excel

  Copa America 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet (360.5 KiB, 1,827 hits)

Copa America 2016 Office Pool/Prediction Game

This is a popular spreadsheet that has been used for many types of soccer events. You should use it to see how well your match prediction is, compared with your friends. It has plenty options that will give you flexibilities on setting up game. You can set it to accommodate match-by-match prediction where each matches will have real teams, including knock out rounds, or you can set it to accommodate one time tournament prediction where you predict the scores from match #1 until match #32. In this type, teams in knock out rounds will follow your own prediction. And you won’t get any chances to get points if your prediction teams are totally different with real ones. But, to make this prediction game more interesting, there are team picks option you can activate and apply to all players. Each players can pick 2 teams that they will predict will see each other in final match regardless of opponents they face in previous knock out rounds.  To see movement of each player, there is a player leaderboard worksheet you can use to monitor it.

Copa America 2016 Pool/Sweepstake for Excel
Copa America 2016 Pool for Excel

As summary, to use this spreadsheet,
– first, you have to set your prediction game rules,
– second, you have to put your player names in player scoreboard worksheet,
– third, you have to collect and type player prediction scores,
– fourth, type real scores,
– fifth, monitor player’s standings

Remember that only fulltime period is considered in this points calculation. The free version is protected and can accommodate until 15 people only. You can test different rules and points before applying the most suitable one with you.

  Copa America 2016 Office Pool for 15 Players (893.1 KiB, 1,114 hits)