Employee Attendance Tracker for Excel

Employee Attendance Calendar and Vacation Planner Spreadsheets

If you are looking for attendance or vacation planner spreadsheets written for Microsoft Excel, you might find it here. These spreadsheets are designed specifically for small business company that have ten to hundreds employees where their businesses don’t require complex attendance software and Excel is their main software to process their business tasks where attendance record is part of it. These spreadsheets are easy to be used by people who don’t have much knowledge of Excel programming. And with its simple programming approach, they can move these files between different laptops with variety Operating System and Excel version.

Employee Attendance Calendar Spreadsheet
This is a complete solution if you want to manage your employee work and leave days for one year. Download the file, set required parameters up and then you can start recording daily attendance of your employees.

Employee Attendance Tracker for Excel
Employee Attendance Tracker

Before you can go to attendance tracker worksheet to record your employee’s attendance, you should set required parameters for your spreadsheet, as explained below

Employee Attendance Calendar Setup for Excel
Employee Attendance Calendar Setup

– Filename : You must replace this filename with the same name with your new filename if you have saved it as another name.
– Starting Year : Put your attendance calendar year
– Starting Month : Put your starting month, you can’t change it in Free version. It will always start from January

There two version of commercial version where the Plus version will allow you to start from any months within 1 financial year and Pro version is start from January but can be used to manage employees attendance for 3 years period.

– Working Days : Monday-Friday has already being set as default workdays. You can check Saturday/Sunday as additional workdays
– Attendance Parameter : There are 4 attendance parameters where some of those codes (Full Code column only) are editable.
– Present, Attendance, Holiday, Non Working Days, Hired/Resignation Markers : They are all date marking color choices you can select to activate in your attendance record worksheets. You can try to switch between yes/no and see it in attendance record worksheets.
– Carry Over Period : This is a value you have to set as a permission for your employees to utilize their unused leave allocation days in the following year.
– Holiday Dates : Type your country and company official holiday here. These dates will be excluded in your employee workdays calculation.

After you completed your setup, you can go to type your employee information and their leave allocation in Personal Info worksheet before starting to record their daily attendance. There are dropdown list with leave codes. Just pick codes for employees on respective dates and let the excel formula do the calculation for you. There are attendance report and dashboard as well. You can see summary of your employee’s attendance in both worksheets.

  Employee Attendance Calendar and Tracker (872.5 KiB, 3,072 hits)

This free version can accommodate until 25 employees. There is a comparison table in About worksheet between free and commercial version you can read all the available features in commercial one.

Employee Vacation Planner Spreadsheet – Fixed Working Hours
This spreadsheet is a simple version of above spreadsheet. All employee attendance and leave information are tracked and calculated within the same worksheet. There is no dashboard or particular employee reports. With all codes are opened in commercial version, you may find it is more suitable for you who want to develop this spreadsheet to suit your company’s needs.

Employee Vacation Planner for Excel
Employee Vacation Planner

These are some setup information you might need to know :
– Start Period : Type your attendance starting date
– Observation Period : Select Today or End of Fiscal Year. This selection will affect workdays calculation at the rightmost of this attendance table.
– You can replace vacation and holiday codes with your own letters.
– You can set different work time/day and work day for each employee as you can see inside this sample file. You can use this information to calculate total time/days of each of your employees where you might copy this number to other spreadsheet to calculate their wages if they are working based on their attendance.
– You can read more detail about steps on using this spreadsheet in How to Use worksheet inside this file.

  Employee Vacation Planner (220.3 KiB, 1,743 hits)

As a Human Resources Manager, you could combine recorded information from this spreadsheet with your own excel spreadsheet.

Employee Vacation Planner Spreadsheet – Custom Working Hours

If you have full-time as well as part-time employees where they have custom working hours, you can use this spreadsheet. It is the same with above spreadsheet except it allows you to custom respective employees working hours. As you can see in picture below, there are 2 cells allocated to each employee every day in respective rows.

Hourly Employee Vacation Planner
Hourly Employee Vacation Planner

The instruction on how to use it is the same with previous spreadsheet. Except, you have to type respective employees working hours in each cells. Each employees could have different working hours every day and different working days every weeks. And there are additional worksheets that will summarize their attendance and vacation by week, month and by any dates period. There is a detail instruction inside the template.

This spreadsheet should be cure your headache as an HR Manager on managing variable working day and hour where you have to calculate their working hour and wages based on their attendance.

  Hourly Vacation Planner (460.3 KiB, 996 hits)

Employee Time Sheet Manager
This spreadsheet is created for companies that manage and remunerate their employees based on hour, like in manufacturer or construction companies. As usual, you have to go to setup worksheet to prepare your spreadsheet. In setup worksheet, you can set filename, starting year, working days, absence parameters and holiday dates by following the same steps as the Attendance Calendar spreadsheet above. Then you can define your normal working hours/day. This value will apply to all of your employees. You can move to employee info worksheet to put your employee information before customizing and recording your employee’s working time.

Employee Time Sheet Manager for Excel
Employee Time Sheet Manager for Excel

Timesheet worksheets are allocated to record your employee’s attendance. Dates in attendance table will be shown automatically. You can type your employee’s Time-In and Time-Out in respective date rows. Their working time will be calculated automatically based on normal working hour/day. Overtime working hour will be revealed if your employee’s working hour is greater than normal working hour that you have set before.

Before recording your employee’s working time, you can print a blank time sheet for your employees. There are several options you can choose before printing them. Just go to “Create Blank Time Sheet” and then select employee’s name. You can customize it by setting its starting date and period in setup bar below timesheet menu tab.

  Employee Time Sheet Organizer (1.1 MiB, 1,368 hits)

You can read more detail instruction in this file, either in How to Use worksheet or in each worksheets (you can hover to cells with red corner marks). Features in this free time sheet manager are limited. But it is enough if you only have employees less than 26.