Euro 2020 final tournament schedule

Euro 2020/2021 Schedule, Scoresheet, Stats and Prediction Game Spreadsheets

Euro 2020 spreadsheets below are a complete set of Excel Templates to help you track, see stats and play prediction games with your friends. Due to pandemic situation, this 2020 event is postponed. And, if there is no major issues, it should be held on June 11th – July 11th, 2021.

Select one that suit your needs. Or, use all of them to accompany you on watching the biggest European Football event.

This year tournament will apply a similar rule with previous 2016 tournament. But, there is a slight changes made to determine 4 best third-place teams that will advance to the next round. Remember that there are 24 teams fight for 16 knock out round places. This new regulation is a little bit complicated, but you don’t have to worry about it, because it is already handled by the excel formulas inside the spreadsheet.

Those 24 teams are :
Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
Group D: England, Czech Republic, Croatia, Scotland
Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
Group F: Portugal, France, Germany, Hungary

Teams in Bold are hosts. There are 12 cities from 12 countries selected to become hosts of this European Football biggest event. That’s why the drawing of qualified teams are not as easy as in previous year tournaments.

Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet

This is the basic spreadsheet and the foundation of all Euro 2020 spreadsheets. You can read the schedule in your own language by selecting it from language drop down list and in your own timezone by selecting it from city drop down list. And if you couldn’t find a suitable language and timezone, you can customize it by yourself by typing it in available custom worksheet.

Euro 2020-2021 Fixtures and Scoresheet

You can use it as your score sheet to track the progress of all teams in this tournament. Just type the score in respective score boxes and all group standings will be adjusted automatically. When all group matches are completed, you can see qualified teams put automatically in round of 16 based on new tournament rules.

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There are 4 group winners that will face 4 best 3rd-placed teams where the order will vary based on their groups and ranks. It opens interesting matches up, because in previous tournaments, group winner will only face an opponent from one group, while in this new format, group winner will face an opponent from 3 possible groups.

In knock out rounds, you can continue typing the score in score boxes at the right side of each teams. You can type total goals until extra time, if the match has to go into extra time period, in the first boxes. Additional score boxes will be revealed if the scores are draw. You can type penalty scores in this additional boxes. Repeat this step until final match. Euro 2020 Champion, runner up and semifinalist will be shown in Champion box at the right-bottom side of this spreadsheet.

There are group color formulas which will make background in each brackets changed based on teams that are placed in it that should ease you to know from which groups the teams who advance in knock out rounds.

You will get the Euro 2020/2021 Wall Chart Excel protected. But, you may get it unprotected by donating to the spreadsheet author.

Euro 2020 Stats Tracker Spreadsheet

If you want to track goal scorers in this tournament, you can use this spreadsheet. Because the main function is to track goal scorers, the scoresheet design is different with the Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet.

There are 3 worksheets in this version of schedule:

1. Group Match Worksheet

It consists all of group matches with goal scorers boxes. There are 8 goal scorers boxes allocated for each teams. At the bottom of this worksheet, you can see group standings that will be adjusted automatically based on scores that you put in each matches and top scorer standings that will be adjusted based on goal scorers that you inputted automatically.

2. Knock Out Round Worksheet

It is a knock out round worksheet. It has the same layout with the first one. You can do the same steps on typing the scores. Top scorer standings is on the top of the spreadsheet where you can see final standings of goal scorers by the end of the tournament. If more than 1 player are sharing the same goals, you can re rank them by typing the correct rank in shown boxes at the right side of player’s names.

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3. Team Squad Worksheet

The third worksheet is a team squad worksheet where you have to put 26 official player names from each teams. It is filled with dummy player names that might be not chosen as respective teams final squad.

Euro 2020 Office Pool Spreadsheet

This one is suitable for you who want to organize a prediction game among your friends, relatives and colleagues. It should be fun, isn’t it. Predict the outcome of each matches and race to become the best predictor. With variety of options, you can make an interesting game to be joined by many people.

Euro 2020-2021 Office Pool and Prediction Game

To start the game, you must set all needed parameter for this Euro 2020/2021 Office Pool. Learn its rule and description so you don’t give incorrect information to your players.

Item that you must set are :

  • Player points for group and knock out rounds. You can apply to up to three point levels.
  • Knock Out round prediction game. Set prediction game method in knock out round. You can choose between setting it to follow actual matches or to follow your player’s prediction.
    • If it is based on actual matches, you can continue predicting the score and getting the points until final matches, which means all players will have same chances to win the game. But, they need to fill the score after the teams are revealed.
    • If you select to be based on player’s prediction matches, you can ask your players to type the score from the first group until final matches. They can do that because knock out teams will be shown and placed automatically based on their group matches predictions. Choice is yours.
  • Knock Out round penalty shootout points. You can choose to award points to players who predict correctly penalty shoot out results, if any.
  • Bonus Points. There are extra points that could be awarded to players if their prediction meet particular criteria.

You can type your player’s names in Player Scoreboard worksheet if you finished your setup. Then, you can continue to all players worksheet to start typing your player’s prediction scores. Type real results in tournament worksheet. This result will be shown automatically in all players worksheet to be compared with all players prediction. Points for each players will be shown at the right side of respective players.

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Euro 2020-2021 Predictor Game Scenario

Check your player’s standings every time one match is completed in player Leaderboard worksheet. They will be ranked based on total points (match + bonus points), number of correct predictions, total match points and entry order of each player. Try the free version below

To make it more fun, you can apply to a flexible bonus points for each matches in knock out round.

Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Game

If you are looking a more simple game, just pick team and see how it goes, you may try this Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Game template. All you have to do just pick team and fill actual scores to its matches schedule. Rule of this game is simple. There are 7 rounds of game. Three in group stages and four in Knock Out stages. You cannot pick similar team in each round. You advance to next round if your pick is correct. The winner is the last person who is still alive.

If you are looking for World Cup 2022 version of above templates, you can find it in World Cup 2022 Schedule and Scoresheet template.

Euro 2020/2021 Schedule in Microsoft Word Format

To accompany these excel spreadsheets, you can also download a Euro 2020 Wall Chart in Microsoft Word version below. This Microsoft Word version should be useful for you who want to have a document that you want to use as a schedule only.

You can adjust group matches column size, add new columns or modify current columns to put your own information, for example TV schedule information.

Initials at the left side of the first round of knock out bracket in knock out round brackets are group name and position. For 3rd places, there are teams from 3 possible groups that can occupy them. Make sure that you put team names in those brackets correctly.

You can further customize it and print it in any size, for example Poster size, just in case you want to stick it on your wall. It is free.