Soccer League Creator Dashboard for Excel

Football League and Tournament Creator Templates

These are collection of football spreadsheets that will help you managing your own league or tournament without worrying about how to arrange the schedule or how to rank its participants based on certain rules. And there are options to simulate specific leagues or tournaments if you don’t want to use its automatic scheduler features. Some of them are free, while others are lite versions with limited features.

Soccer League Creator
This spreadsheet is aimed to help you create your own soccer league or simulate existing league.

Soccer League Creator Dashboard for Excel
Soccer League Creator Dashboard – Excel

Soccer League Creator with Automatic Scheduling Feature
The first version has automatic scheduling feature which will be activated directly after you set required parameters in setup worksheet.

When you open the spreadsheet, you can go to Setup worksheet and start typing several required parameters, those are :
– Filename : You have to replace this filename if you have the file as another name or you can move between matches worksheets
– Season (optional)
– Country (optional)
– Competition Name (optional)
– Starting Season Date : Type your league starting date to be used as calendar reference
– Number of Teams : Type number of teams that participate in your league
– Competition : Select round robin model for your league
– Matches Schedule Period : Type the frequency of your round matches
– Week Matches Standing Table : Select whether you want to show standing table in your matches worksheets
– Teams qualify for Tournament 1 : Type the number of top teams that will qualify for second round or next tournament (for example qualify for Champions League for Soccer League Competition in Europe)
– Teams qualify for Tournament 2,3,4 : If there are more than one tournament, you can type the number of qualified teams in this cells
– Relegation, Play-Off for Relegation Spot : Type the number of teams that will relegated if they are at the bottom group of the table
– Point Regulation : Specify earning points for each teams for win, draw and lose

Tie Breaker Regulation : Pick tie-breaker regulation. It will be based on regulation below :
1. All Matches – Highest Point
2. All Matches – Better Goal Difference
3. All Matches – Better Goals Scored
4. All Matches – Better Away Goals Scored
5. Team Concerned Matches – Highest Point
6. Team Concerned Matches – Better Goal Difference
7. Team Concerned Matches – Better Goals Scored
8. Team Concerned Matches – Better Away Goals Scored
9. Manual Re-Rank Based On Fair Play Calculation, Head-to-Head Matches, Drawing of Lots

After completing parameters above, you can start typing your teams at the table on the right. Then you can go to matches worksheets and you can see that the schedule are generated and all of your teams are already in place. You can start recording score results in these worksheets. You can see team standings in the table next to it or you can see summary of those in Dashboard worksheet as shown in above picture. If you want to see full schedule for one team, you can go to Team Info worksheet.

  Soccer League Creator Lite with Fixtures Generator (1.5 MiB, 7,424 hits)

Soccer League Creator for Emulating Existing League
This spreadsheet is the same with above. The difference is on the way you type your team matches since it is allocated to emulate existing soccer leagues where they have their own fixtures. You can follow the same setup steps as above but after you finished with its setup, you have to type team pairing matches as well as their date and time manually in matches worksheet. This is the suitable template for emulating famous Europe leagues like Spanish La liga or Italian Serie A.

  Soccer League Creator Lite without Fixtures Generator (1.5 MiB, 10,834 hits)

Soccer Tournament Creator
This template has the same engine with Soccer League Creator above but the aim is different. It has two version as well.

Soccer Tournament Creator with Automatic Scheduling Feature
There are several additional steps you have to set, compared with the League Creator, before you can use this template properly.

Soccer Tournament Creator - Group Stages View
Soccer Tournament Creator – Group Stages View

The main idea is you have to set the number of teams that participate in the tournament, number of groups, group stages competition type and knock out round competition type.

Group Stages Setup :
Here are some important parameters needed to be set
> Number of Teams : Type the total number of teams that will participate (for example you plan to have 16 teams divided into 4 groups, so you have to type 16). You can follow on “edit team name” link to type all of your team names
> Number of Groups : Type number of groups
You will see group boxes revealed where you can continue customizing respective groups
> Group Name : You will get group name start from A, B and so on. Leave it as it is.
> Date of the First Matches : This date will be used as calendar reference for each groups
> Number of Teams per Group : Type number of teams per group. It doesn’t have to be the same number, for example you can type 5 in group A and 3 in group B.
> Teams Information : You can follow on “edit teams” links to distribute your teams in respective groups

In this spreadsheet, all group matches schedules will be generated automatically.

Knock Out Stages Setup :
You can setup parameters for knock out round in this part.
– First round : You can choose whether you want to have just the final round or you can start from round of 32
– 3rd Place Match : You can skip 3rd place match if you don’t want to have one
– Regulation : You can set one match only or home/away matches
– Matches pairing : You will be taken to other worksheet to set your knock out pairing matches based on your first round selection

Once you completed your setup, you can start typing score results in group matches worksheets.

  Soccer Tournament Creator Lite with Fixtures Generator (2.8 MiB, 3,553 hits)

Soccer Tournament Creator for Emulating Existing Tournament
You have to use this one if you want to emulate existing tournament, for example Football World Cup, Football Euro Cup, Champions League, European League Cup etc. The steps to set the spreadsheet is the same as above, it differs on setting up match fixtures because you have to type it manually in its group matches worksheets.

  Soccer Tournament Creator Lite without Fixtures Generator (2.1 MiB, 2,003 hits)

Soccer League Fixtures Generator and Match Scheduler
If you need a more custom fixtures for your league, you might consider this spreadsheet. Differ with both spreadsheets above, this template can accommodate until 8 pairing matches with shorter schedule, like playing all round matches within a day or every day.

Soccer Fixtures Generator and Match Scheduler
Soccer Fixtures Generator and Match Scheduler

Setup worksheet in this spreadsheet has the same outlook with Soccer League Creator spreadsheet where you can set its parameters with the same steps with it. But, there is a specific worksheet, round worksheet, where you can customize your team matches based on your own preferences.

In this round worksheet, you can customize parameters as follows :
– Start Time : League starting time
– Match Period : You can select between 1-7 days per week or one day only
– Match Days : Type playing day of your matches
– Number of Rounds per match day : Number of rounds played per match day
– Time interval between rounds
– Time interval between matches within one round
– Venue allocation : You can set specific venues if your league is not applying home and away match model

Soccer Fixtures Generator and Match Scheduler Lite

Besides those custom spreadsheets above, there are several specific soccer templates that are created to simulate specific leagues or tournaments you can read in the other post here.