Major European Soccer League Fixtures and Scoresheet

These templates below are created for specific football leagues and tournaments. You will find these templates useful if you don’t have any needs to create your own leagues and just want to follow popular leagues and tournament in Europe.

Major European Soccer Leagues

There are 5 templates available for 2021/2022 season. To use these templates is easy. You will find all fixtures for season 2021/2022 inside. Remember that these templates are not just contain fixtures. It contains standing table to rank teams by respective tie-breaker regulation. You just need to type actual scores in its fixtures worksheet.

How to Use Major European Soccer Leagues

All spreadsheets are sharing similar platform. Fixtures are already filled inside the spreadsheet. No need to set up anything. Type actual scores in particular fixtures worksheet. Standings table will adjust team rankings automatically. You can also check the last 5 matches of each teams to see their performance. There are individual team worksheet to track particular team fixtures and results.

Premier League 2021/2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Season 2021/2022 will start from August 2021. With season starts as normal season, it will be interesting to see how English clubs will perform this season. Manchester City, the reigning champion, won’t be easy to repeat their previous performance. But, who knows. Anything can happen. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are the closest rivals. But, do not underestimate Arsenal and Leicester City.

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Serie A 2021/2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Italy won Euro 2020 tournament. Majority of their players are coming from Italian clubs. It should be interesting to see how they perform in their clubs. Furthermore, how well they will perform in Champions and Europa League since last season those tournaments are ruled by English clubs. Cristiano Ronaldo is still a Juventus player. That’s a good news for Juventus and Italian fans.

La Liga 2021/2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will again fight for La Liga Crown. It will be hard to other teams to compete with them this season. But, we’ll see.

Ligue 1 2021/2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Paris Saint-Germain lost their Ligue 1 Crown last season to Lille. This season, they have strengthen their squad by adding Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma, Euro 2020 best player. With their sight is concentrating on Champions League, we will see whether they can dethrone Lille to become 2021/2022 Ligue 1 Champion.

Bundesliga 2021/2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Bayern Munich is the reigning Champion. They have won it in nine consecutive season. They will try to make it 10 in a row this season. Can they? They have a new coach. It will be a challenge for Hansi Flick to make sure that his team will be crowned the 31st Bundesliga Champion by the end of this season.

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