Restaurant General Menu Template Word

15 Free Restaurant and Cafe Menu Templates for Word

If you have a restaurant, one way to attract your customers to your menu is by providing them with complete list of restaurant menu. You can make the restaurant menu book using any word processor or any graphic software. If you want it be done much easier, just download editable restaurant menu from the internet. A good restaurant menu should be able to trigger curiosity as well as used as preliminary appetite booster. If you can make your visitors get hungrier looking at the menu, your menu design is amazing.

General Menu Template

A good restaurant menu should contain the photo or picture of the menu. For example your signature dish is salmon cooked in different styles, you should put the picture of the salmon menu on the left of the menu and the right side of it, you write the ingredients of the menu along with its price on the most visible side. The ingredients list is intended to give the customer info about the food in case they have allergic disease so that they can ask to remove the ingredients before the chef cook it. You should also put food, drinks (beverages), appetizer, dessert and additional foods in different pages and give them title to ease the customers to choose what they want to order.

Restaurant General Menu Template Word

In using the restaurant menu, first you print the menu using the best possible printing service. Use the best paper and then bound the menu into a good menu book. It would be better if the menu pages are customized with backgrounds and decorations. As your restaurant visitors some and sit, give them the menu and ask them what they want to order with pleasant manner. If they don’t know the name of the menu or one ingredient, tell them and if they want other than the menu, treat them politely and tell them if you don’t provide other menu than what have been listed.

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  Long Menu Template with Quantity and Price (18.4 KiB, 1,849 hits)

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  Sunday Menu Template (58.4 KiB, 1,706 hits)

Daily Special Menu Template

The function of Daily Special Menu is apparently understood. When this list is placed in a restaurant, it functions as an ‘announcer’ about the exceptional menu sold by the restaurant along with the price. When it is owned by a catering company, it informs the customers about the same.

Special Day Menu Template Word

Meanwhile, Daily Special Menu can also play the role of attention drawer if it is made uniquely and attractively. Do you need a reference about how to create such menu list? Just open Microsoft Office Word program in your computer and use this template. Thus, instead of creating different template everyday, you can stick to one of them and make necessary changes.

To use or apply Daily Special Menu, you will need to edit the template; filling it with the menus you have. What should be on it? Well, it depends on your needs, but you can refer to the following common details of a menu:

  1. Name of each menu. You can separate the foods from the beverages and classify them based on the type or price. For example, you have some special soups and desserts. Put them in different categories.
  2. The price of each cuisine; which can be placed beside the name or under
  3. Pictures of beverage and foods; try to choose the striking ones in order that the customers will be interested to try

  Sunday Menu Template (58.4 KiB, 1,706 hits)

  Monday Menu Template (32.5 KiB, 1,049 hits)

Drink Menu Template

Tell your customers about beverages you serve by creating Drink Menu. Just like the other kinds of menu, it provides information about what drink can be ordered and how much to pay; besides other additional points related to it. Aside from its main function of informing the readers about menu, it can also beneficial for a marketing purpose. In fact, some people often use it as pamphlet in several occasions. By putting the logo of the company or contact number, Drink Menu is supposed to be a good way to sell the products.

Drink Menu Template Word

To use Drink Menu template which has been escorted into your Ms Word page; you only need to edit it based on the data you have prepared. Usually, these are things which are edited:
– The name of drink/product
– The price of each drink, generally placed beside or under the menu
– Categorization; such as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ drink

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Click on the space where you want to type the menu details and directly type. If you want, you can add some colorful pictures of the available drinks to make it more attractive.

  Drink Menu Template Model 1 (43.5 KiB, 1,240 hits)

  Drink Menu Template Model 2 (45.5 KiB, 1,041 hits)

  Drink Menu Template Model 3 (42.9 KiB, 988 hits)

Kids Menu Template

Every so often, kids are hard to be controlled. For example, when the time to eat has come, some kids are just refuse to eat and don’t want to eat. In order to keep their children fed, parents often do any ways that they know in order to force their children to eat. A lot of children may be intrigued by going to a restaurant and eat together with the whole family. There are a lot of family restaurants those will serve the menu for families and also have the certain kids menu that is meant especially for children who come to the restaurants with their parents.

Kids Menu Template Word

The kid menu is usually has the smaller portion then the regular portion of the adults. But of course, it is important to make difference between the menus special for kids with the menu for the adults. For example, by giving the extra bonus for kids if they order the certain menu, the kids will be encouraged to get the certain foods in the menu and of course trying to sweep the plates. The extra items included is usually the special edition toys those will be eye-catching and interesting for the kids. Parents may use this chance to encourage children to eat more for more toys that may be applied at home.

Kids menu is important in any restaurants and even at home. It is important to keep children interested with the certain menu and make the children eat their foods without leaving anything on plates. It is a good idea to take a little style of restaurants by giving an attractive menu printed and can be “order” by children.

  Kids Menu Template (85.2 KiB, 1,070 hits)

Pizza Menu Template

If Pizza is your main product or you open a restaurant that serve pizza only, you can use this Pizza Menu template. It is made to help you in case you are in need of a pizza menu design for your restaurant. Well, not everyone is good at designing menu, so this template should be really helpful if you are one of those people. While the design in this template might too good for your pizza menu design, that’s actually fine. The purpose of this template’s creation is to give you the ideas of making your menu design. This template will give you the overview of the design while you will personalize it yourself through some editing. Much easier than making a whole menu design from a scratch.

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Pizza Menu Template Word

There are two templates of Pizza Menu here, plain menu and menu with picture. The plain menu is rather simple yet interesting. On the left part of the menu, it got the space for your pizza menu to be in. There you can input the Pizza name along with its description as well as the price and size (Small, Regular, and Big). Also, on the top-right side of the menu design you get other menu section where you can put menu other than pizza as well as drink menu on the bottom-right there. As for the one with picture, it is quite fancy since customer will be able to get the preview of the menu. Whichever you choose, it is yours to decide.

Guide to Use the Pizza Menu Template

  1. The first thing you should do is to customize the background to your liking if you don’t feel the one with plain color there isn’t good enough.
  2. If you don’t see any need of modifying to the menu structure, then just input your menu accordingly to the template. Otherwise, adjust it yourself.
  3. In case you are using the menu with picture template, then you need to get picture for the menu and put it there. At any rate, customize it into your liking.

  Pizza Menu Template Model 2 (27.3 KiB, 954 hits)

  Pizza Menu Template Model 3 (18.7 KiB, 934 hits)

That’s all the templates you can use for your printable restaurant menu. All templates are fully editable. You can adjust them to meet your own specific restaurant and cafe. As mentioned frequently, you just need Microsoft Word and a color printer to print it.