Loan Amortization Chart Excel Template

5 Loan Amortization Schedule Calculators

Dealing with loan payment, both a company or business and a person need something smart which can help them in avoiding any bad credit history. Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator is a good tool to illustrate loan payment in advance. It will help them decide which financial terms that will fit their budget. By using this calculator, people will be able to find out the total amount for each loan payment in certain period of time, along with the interest they have to count. The exact amount of the interest and total payment can be differentiated clearly. By comprehending this information, people can estimate loan payment and anticipate any unpaid credit.

If you plan to apply for loan, you can use these loan amortization calculators for your purpose. There are several models you can choose to simulate your loan.

Loan Amortization Calculator

This template can be called mortgage payment calculator. Within the sense of property, people has been familiar with a term called mortgage though they might do not have any idea of its meaning. Well, speaking in shorter way, mortgage is a debt instrument on which borrower must pay back to specified property agency. In broader sense, mortgage should be paid under specific condition that has been agreed by debtor and creditor beforehand. To calculate how many payments that should be paid, one can use mortgage payment calculator, which is easy to find through both manual way and online way.

Loan Amortization Calculator Excel Template

Basically, this is the basic template to calculate loan amortization not in table format. It just calculate the total amount of interest and payment that you should pay monthly.

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Basic Loan Amortization Schedule

Easy to use Basic Loan Amortization Schedule simply comes from two main words, calculator and amortization. As we know, amortization is the loan payment. This word is taken because all calculation made through this calculator is based on amortization process. There are some related terms used in this calculator, such as ‘annuity’ which refers to the amount of periodic payment, ‘principal amount’ which stands for initial net payment, ‘interest’ for the followed interest rate (which depends on what period used for payment, for instance: monthly), and ‘number of payment’ which states how many payments should be made during certain period.

Basic Loan Amortization Schedule Excel Template

In order to use this schedule, enter required data in respective fields on top of amortization schedule table. Once all data are inputted, loan amortization schedule will be revealed.

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Loan Amortization Schedule with Chart

This template has a nice layout and chart where you can see how your principal and loan interest are decreased over your loan period. When you want to record all the amount of debt repayment, you can start considering about making a loan amortization table. And if you could visualize the amount in chart, it will help you understanding it well. And, it will help you calculate the rest of your debt and the amount of installment that needs to be paid every month.

Loan Amortization Chart Excel Template

However, it is sure that such a chart is quite complex, so it will be easier for you to download excel template that can be adjusted with your specific requirement.  You can download the template below for your loan payment illustration purposes. It is created in Dashboard style, and you can see monthly payment, total payment, interest including chart, by typing your loan information in related cells.

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Loan Amortization Schedule with Extra Payments

When one signs up for a loan, they are usually invested with interest. At the end of the payment the initial amount you owe and the amount you end up paying is with margin. To reduce the margin, the method of extra payment is an alternative. Reduction of the interest you carry can be calculated in advance to see how much you can save in the long run. This is where the Extra Payment Calculator comes in as your ultimate device for funding.

Loan Amortization Schedule with Extra Payments Excel Template

This Extra Payment Calculator is the follow up of the amortization method. The amortization in the time of the Middle English era was a term used defeat enemies. Amortization meant the process of killing or depleting external harm to keep them safe. The term amortization today is used in a sense that carrying interest from bank loans can be eliminated. A careful and well-calculated extra payment will lead you to faster repayment and a thin margin between the initial loan and the price you end up paying at the end.

This Extra Payment Calculator consists of one or two working sheets. The first is to compare how far you are better off if you pay extra. Enter the loan amount and the interest rate below it. The calculator will automatically sum up the monthly, total and total interest payment. Moving on the right hand side of the table, enter the extra payment you plan to put in. The calculation on the bottom-right will re-calculate the margin in terms of the remaining total payment, total interest payment, when the amount can be paid off and the amount of interest you save. If this is exciting enough for you, the second sheet lays out further details of the interest amortization.

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Loan Amortization Schedule with Balloon Payment

For people who have difficulty in finance, borrowing a balloon loan payment can be more beneficial than applying in the conventional loan. It is because the balloon loan has a short payment term, so the borrower will only be charged with lowest interest rate. Many people do not see that danger of the balloon payment, and they do not arrange a strategy to get their debts off them. Having the unorganized balloon payment can make people miss some points that lead to the expiry date of the payment. If it happens, the amount of money that should be paid can be several times higher than the first.

Loan Amortization Schedule with Balloon Payment Excel Template

This is why people need an assistant to take care their payment schedule, and the balloon calculator can be the solution for that. This calculator can help the borrowers to manage the schedule of amortizing the payment. The borrowers also can find out how long they can get their debt off based on the monthly payment that they have paid to the lenders. When the borrowers want to end the term faster that it is stated, this calculator will give many options related to the amount of the payment and the interest rate. The borrower can give the accurate information about the debt payment in simple access.

The borrower who wants to use this balloon calculator just starts from the “input” box. It consists with debts first payment information such as the interest rate, the starting date, the end of the term and also the down principal amount. In the below, there is a chart or schedule of payment. The result will appear in the output box on the right side.

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In conclusion, you can download all of them, calculate with all loan payment alternatives and adjust it with your own budget. And for finance students, these templates will help you understanding how excel built-in financial functions implemented in loan amortization schedule illustration.