Excel Multiplication Table Template

Multiplication Table Template

Do you have a son or a daughter who is in elementary school now? This education level is the next step after kindergarten and the young learner will start to learn about some basic lessons including math. And one of tough part for kids about this lesson is the multiplying work. Do you want to know how to help your son in multiplying numbers?

Excel Multiplication Table Template
Excel Multiplication Table

Since memorizing ability plays essential role in multiplying work, you can assist this young learner using Multiplication Table. It is very easy to find the sample of template for free. The small form of the table will consist of numbers from 1 to 10. It will contain of the multiplication results from 1×1 to 10×10. However, this table can be expanded more according to the needs. Take for example the 25×25 multiplication table which allows your son learning the results of 1×11, 1×12, 1×13, 2×11, 2×12, and so on until 25×25. Of course, the form will be larger. Therefore, when you want to print the table, you have to prepare a piece of paper with sufficient width. Your son can simply attach it on the wall and do the homework with the table assistance.

To learn or memorize the multiplication, you can ask him to spell and point the multiplied numbers and result. This is how to read the table. Besides that, you can also prepare another piece of paper for creating the 10×10 multiplication table which is still empty. Ask him to fill up the blank space with the results.

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