New Year's Resolution - with Month Target (Excel)

New Year’s Resolution Templates

These are New Year’s Resolution Templates you can use with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Open Office Calc, Open Office Writer as well as Libre Office suite. What is New Year’s Resolution? It is a list of people’s goals where they want to achieve it in the following year. Usually, they write it in a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place where they can see it easily. Well, it is easier to write it instead of fulfill it. Majority of people who write their resolution are always write the same resolution again by the end of the following year. Several common resolutions which are usually failed to be fulfilled are quit smoking, quit drinking, get married, get better school ranking..

My suggestion, if you don’t have a strong desire to fulfill your resolutions, you’d better not to write it or you will see it failed. Try to write a realistic one. For example, you plan to reduce buying cigarettes from 3 packs to 1 pack per day, get a girl or boy friend (instead of get married), get “A” mark in one of your school lesson, etc.

Back to these templates, there are 1 dynamic template created in MS Excel and 3 simple templates created for MS Excel, Openoffice/Libreoffice Calc, MS Word, and Openoffice/Libreoffice Writer. You can download all of them and pick one that might suit your needs.

New Year’s Resolution for Microsoft Excel

New Year's Resolution - with Month Target (Excel)
New Year’s Resolution – with Month Target (Excel)

There 2 models available to be used with Excel. The dynamic template will allow you to define a month or range of month that you think you will fulfill your resolution. It is equipped also with conditional formatting formula that will colorize your resolution if you complete it before your due month or if you miss it. The simple model will only give you table for you to fill without any target but there is a progress column where you can type it “done” when you fulfill it. And there is a progress bar on top of the table that will show your completion every time you update the spreadsheet.

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  New Years Resolution - Simple (MS Excel) (12.6 KiB, 1,727 hits)

  New Years Resolution with Month Target (MS Excel) (19.5 KiB, 1,871 hits)

New Year’s Resolution for Openoffice/Libreoffice Calc

The dynamic template created in Excel cannot be transformed completely into Open/Libre office version due to their limitation on conditional formatting formulas. But, you can use the simple one with the same feature with Excel.

  New Years Resolution (Openoffce/Libreoffice Calc) (18.2 KiB, 1,373 hits)

New Year’s Resolution for Microsoft Word and Openoffice/Libreoffice Writer

New Years Resolution - Simple - Word - Writer
New Years Resolution (Word/Writer)

These templates are simple templates which only consist of two colums for your goals and its progress. You can print it blank, type it using your pen, keep it and then you can write its progress when you fulfill one of your goals there.

  New Years Resolution (MS Word) (15.9 KiB, 1,522 hits)

  New Years Resolution Template (Openoffice/Libreoffice Writer) (10.7 KiB, 1,270 hits)