2015 Year Calendar (Word/Writer)

2015 Calendar Templates

Year 2015 is about to come. Have you plan anything for that year? Or are you a kind of person who will see what will happen day by day without planning anything? If it come to 2015 calendar terms, people usually see it only as a reminder to find what date is the day when …

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Calendar Template

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Templates

Three months from now, the biggest soccer event in the world, FIFA World Cup 2014, will commence in Brazil. For about one month all people eyes around the world will focus on that event. Any places will full of people talking about all of those matches as well as making predictions. These are spreadsheets that …

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Periodic Table of Elements Templates (Excel, Word, Calc)

Periodic Table of Elements Templates

Are you a scientist who always needs to get full information about every single chemical compound and substance at any time? Or are you a student who is trying to master the science of chemistry? If so, you will need a periodic table to help you with everything that you work on. Nowadays, with information …

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Calorie Intake Calculator (Excel/Calc)

Calorie Calculators

Everyone tries to live as healthy as possible. However, there are just a few people who bother themselves to measure and manage their calorie in relation with their healthy lifestyle. These templates below are calorie calculators created in Microsoft Excel, where some of them also already being converted into Openoffice/Libreoffice Calc, to examine any calories …

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