Apartment/Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet

Reservation Calendar Spreadsheets

It is not easy to find a simple spreadsheet that can accommodate basic needs of rooms/spaces or car leasing business related with reservation, where booking staff can easily manage their booking for, at least, one year period either based on hour or day. This spreadsheet should ease them to identify available room at requested date quickly. And it should be compatible with any Computer OS and Microsoft Office version, to eliminate any issues which should be arisen when they are upgraded to newer version. Spreadsheets below should be your answers. It won’t be 100% fulfilling your needs, but at least it will help you reducing your working time on managing your guests reservation.

Hotel Reservation Calendar
If you are managing a hotel with less than 100 rooms, recording booking guests information with Microsoft Excel is easier and manageable than using a complicated booking software. You can prepare a spreadsheet to meet your own business requirement. Problem will arise when you want to create an automatic calendar where you can see guests reservation status at any dates where at the same time you want to find available hotel rooms at specific time. This hotel reservation calendar will help you eliminate those problems because it is already equipped with related formula to show you those available rooms and its status at particular dates. But, this spreadsheet focused on reservation only. There is no invoices, or finance related worksheets inside. If you need those finance functions as well, you can skip this one.

Apartment/Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet
Apartment/Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet

Room Apartment Reservation Calendar
Managing rental apartment should be the same with managing hotel room, except the number of apartment rooms are less than hotel rooms, and there should be no room service available to serve guests who rent those rooms. You might have used an excel spreadsheet to manage it, and with a few rooms to manage, you won’t have any difficulties on putting all of your room apartment information in your spreadsheet. But, if you want to go further or you want to reduce your working time on your spreadsheet, you can try this spreadsheet reservation spreadsheet below. It is built to help you to manage your room reservation as well as identify which rooms are available when you receiving some inquiries from new customers who plan to book your room at specific time.

This spreadsheet below could handle hotel and room apartment reservation.

  Apartment/Hotel Reservation Calendar Spreadsheet (330.9 KiB, 7,130 hits)

Besides daily based reservation, there are hourly based reservation. Below are type of those kind of reservation types.

Car Rental Reservation Calendar
Car rental is a most common business you can find anywhere in any countries. Tourists, either international or local tourists, are the most common customers. You will see plenty of car rental brochures in airports or train stations. Sometimes, it will be very hard to find available car in holiday season. So, if you are already running this business or you are planning to create one in a tourist area, there is a big chance that you won’t have any troubles on getting customers who will rent your cars. If you owned more than one car and you plan to manage them using Excel instead of standalone software, you can consider this excel spreadsheet. It has features that will help you managing your car rental business, especially managing your reservation issues. It will help you prevent any double booking issues, recording all of your reserved cars as well as its customers, and it will help you identify available cars at particular time period based on customer requests.

Car Rental Reservation Spreadsheet
Car Rental Reservation Spreadsheet

Banquet Hall Reservation Calendar
This is a type of business where the owner of banquet hall is renting their hall, usually for wedding or party, based on hourly usage. Usually, it takes 6 hours as a minimum hour to rent. It could take at least 2 hour for preparation, 2 hour for the ceremony and 2 hour for tidy the ceremony up. There is a simple reservation spreadsheet that you can use, as you can see in the image below. But, if you need a more nice looking one, you can download and use hotel reservation or car rental reservation spreadsheet by modifying their column titles.

Music Studio Reservation Calendar
Music Studio business is a type of business where the owner leases a soundproof room based on hour. New or amateur bands are most common customers who rent this music studio before they perform in a stage. If you are managing only one studio room, you won’t have any difficulties on recording those reservation and making a report based on your records. But, if you want to have a spreadsheet that could help you managing it properly, you can try this spreadsheet below.

Sport Club Reservation Calendar
Usually, sport clubs have several venues where they are available to be rented based on hour period. For example, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts. If you are a manager of a sport club, it should helpful if you have an excel spreadsheet that will help you managing your courts. This excel spreadsheet below could help you on managing them. It has automatic formulas which will map reserved courts weekly or monthly so you don’t have to type it every time when week/month are changed. And you can see your court’s reservation status easily when a new customer plans to book your court on specific day or date.

This spreadsheet below is referred to car rental reservation. You can modify its title to other kind of rental business that are hourly based, where some of them have been described above.

  Car Rental Reservation Spreadsheet (779.9 KiB, 2,724 hits)