Chronological Resume Template for Word and OpenOffice

10+ Ready to Use Resume Templates for Word and OpenOffice

There will be a moment that requires you to create a personal resume. It is usually written whenever you decide to apply for a job. Generally, there are also two types of resume format. The first one will be the chronological resume and the second will be the functional resume. Most of resumes are written based on those formats. Here, you can find the templates with those formats as well as other formats which could suit more on particular job seekers and companies.

Basic Resume Template

Promotion is the most important thing in selling. If you are a job seeker, and you are about to “sell” yourself, what kind of promotion that you will do? Speaking of promotion, you will need the promotion tools and for job seekers, one of the most important promotional tools will be their resume. To know the standard type of resume, you can download the template below.

Simple Resume Template for Word and OpenOffice

Inside the basic or simple resume, you should add any important personal data such as full name and nick name, birthday and birthplace, current address, active contact and email. Those data should be valid. The next thing that should be stated on the resume will be the educational background. You will have to write all education levels that you have already had, from the elementary school to the last education level.

The next thing that should be stated on this resume will be the work experiences. If it is possible, you can try to add the job descriptions and the roles that you played in those jobs. Some resume types also request some other types of data such as family background and personal description. It will be up to you to choose the kind of resumes that you want to use.

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Chronological Resume Template

The list of your working experience will be the first one to write in chronological resume. Most people also list their current job at first, before starting to mention other type of jobs that have been done in the past. Other than that, a chronological resume must also include other information such as personal skills and level of education. The work history that should be written on chronological resume should be able to answer several questions like when did you work, where did you work, what kind of responsibilities did you have, and who were you working with. Therefore, the resume will be quite complex for those who have many working experiences, though it is proven to be useful to attract the attention of the employer.

Chronological Resume Template for Word and OpenOffice

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Functional Resume Template

Different from chronological resume format that emphasize on chronological order of job seeker experiences, functional resume is used when a job seeker wants to emphasize their current skills and knowledge rather than informing their work experiences. It is suitable for artists, architects who want to show their designs rather than showing where they worked. Also, it fits with women who have not worked for some period of time because they have to follow their husband or take care of their babies. It will make their resume looks bad when presenting their work experiences in chronological order.

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Functional Resume Template for Word and OpenOffice

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Professional Resume Template

There are two possibilities which may happen when a resume comes into the hands of a hiring or human resource manager. It may be looked till the end part or even twice because the manager is interested, or on the contrary, he or she will throw it away even when they have not finished reading. In order that you will not experience the second possibility, it is better to create a good Professional Resume. Whilst some kinds of resume can be made; such as chronological or functional, it needs to be professional.

Professional Resume refers to a resume which is elaborate but not wordy, tidy, and the most important thing is consistent; in a matter of font choice, bullets, font size, etc. By providing such kind of resume, you have made yourself interesting in front of the reader; in this case is the hiring manager.

Professional Resume Template for Word and OpenOffice

What does a Professional Resume look like? This can be your main question. As a matter of fact, it appears to be the same as the resume you came across most often. Formal or creative resume can be considered professional as well as they are written well and righteously. The templates are usually editable since they mainly provide the format you can follow. Type your data on this Professional Resume template under each category or title; such as your personal details, career objective, qualification summary, professional achievement, education, activities, skill-training-certification, and reference. Make sure you type them neatly.

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Creative Resume Template

Creative resume format is a format where all job seeker information are written in unique ways. It doesn’t follow known format. It is just a paper with all information should reflect you in unique representation. There is no sample you can download. It will be put it in here when it is available to be used for your reference.