Excel Shift Schedule Maker

Shift Schedule Maker

This is an excel shift schedule maker you might consider to use it on managing your company’s shift schedule. Equipped with plenty of pre-made shift schedule plans where you can easily transform your list of employees into a shift table that you can print and distribute in minutes.

Excel Shift Schedule Maker
Shift Schedule Maker (Excel)

Because it is created in Microsoft Excel, you can copy and paste all information to your own Microsoft Office files. For examples, you can copy generated shift table and paste it into a Microsoft Word document, or into Microsoft Power Point presentation sheet. And also you can save and bring this files and open it in any computers.

It will cutting your working time on designing proportional shift schedule down from hours into minutes. Usually, the most time you will spend on designing it, is to create balanced working time per week or per month among your employees as well as create balanced time between working and non working days for each employees. The formula inside this spreadsheet has eliminated those time consuming issues. Except you want to create it your own shift pattern (this feature also available in this spreadsheet), all you have to do just picking the most suitable pattern from the available pattern (there are 22 patterns in lite version and more than 40 patterns in paid version), where it is included famous shift schedule plans, like “Early and Late”, “Continental”, Pitman, Dupont, and many more.

You can follow 3 easy steps below to use it, it is also written inside the spreadsheet, to generate your shift schedule table.

1. Pick or Create Shift Plan
– Go to “Shift Plan” worksheet and pick the most suitable one. Some values in pre-made plans are changeable, especially values in number of hours per day and number of working time per shift. All shift starting time are editable to give you a flexibility to set with your company’s shift time. But all shift time length must remain the same since this planner is not accommodate different time period yet. You can create your own plan by select “Custom” to reveal custom shift plan table and put your own pattern.

2. Set your Employees
– Go to “Employee Name” to type your employee’s name and distribute it within available shift groups.

3. Customize Generated Shift Schedule
– You will get two types of shift schedule tables, the first one is based on shift time, while the second one is based shift group. You can set color markers, length of shown shift time (from weekly to every 5 weeks). There is some limitation in lite version, where it will allow you to see the period until 4 weeks only. You can select and print both worksheets or select one that suit your company’s need.

You can repeat the step above to change the shift schedule plan if you want to see and compare other shift schedule plan before deciding the one that you will implement to your employees. The final steps will be printing and distribute it to your employees. To understand more about using this excel shift schedule maker, you can download the file below and simulate your company’s shift schedule using Microsoft Excel version 2007 and above.

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