World Cup 2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet Template

World Cup 2022 Schedule, Scoresheet and Office Pool Templates

You might be looking for excel templates that could accompany you while watching your team compete in November 2022 FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar. These are several useful excel templates to help you tracking your teams, analyze their statistics and play prediction game with your friends.

World Cup 2022 Schedule and Score Sheet

World Cup 2022 Fixtures and Scoresheet Template

World Cup 2022 Schedule and Scoresheet is a spreadsheet that will act as a fixtures and a scoresheet. You can see schedule of all teams in this event and also put actual score results into respective score boxes.

There are formulas that will calculate their group standings after filling the scores. The standings will follow FIFA group tie-breaker regulation. With this formula, you can simulate scores and see how teams are ranked in group standings based on official tie-breaker regulation.

Before using this World Cup 2022 Schedule and Scoresheet, you need to set language and timezone to meet your own local language and time. Default language is English and default match time is following Qatar timezone. There are many languages and timezone to select. But, you can also translate by yourself and set your own timezone.

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Once completed, you can start typing scores in this spreadsheet from group stages until final match.

World Cup 2022 Scoresheet with Goal Scorer Fields

If you want to track goal scorer in this tournament, you can use this World Cup 2022 Scoresheet with Goal Scorer spreadsheet. It has different layout with above World Cup 2022 Schedule spreadsheet to accommodate goal scorers input. They are arranged in vertical arrangement where you can type scores and goal scorers to the right side of each teams.

Before using this spreadsheet, you need to update the squad with the official squad from each teams that will be announced in before the tournament.

To use it, you need to type the score first and then type player names in blue boxes that will be shown based on filled scores. If scores are coming from own goal, you must select player with “og” bracket. It will exclude particular player from top scorer list.

You can track tournament top scorer from top scorer list at the bottom, next to group standing tables in group stage worksheet and at the top in knock out worksheet.

You don’t have to place teams that qualify to knock out round by yourself. The Excel formula has done it for you. All you need is typing the scores and select goal scorer’s names.

World Cup 2022 Office Pool and Predictor Game

This spreadsheet is an advanced version of similar spreadsheet that you might used in previous World Cup, Euro Cup and Copa America. It has many features that will help you pick the suitable one with your prediction game regulation. Either you want to set it as a one time entry score prediction game or as multiple entry score prediction game. One time entry score prediction game will require players to submit the score before the tournament is begun or before each stages is completed. Multiple entry score prediction game will allow players to fill the score before each matches is started.

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World Cup 2022 Office Pool and Predictor Game Template

Each players will get their own standings table. It will make each players might have different outcome in knock out rounds.

There are bonus points you can use to attract players to get more points, especially in knock out rounds, where they might have no chances to get points from different pairing brackets with actual ones.

These are short instructions on how to use this spreadsheet.

Set Predictor Game parameter

  • Set points for group stages. There are three point levels in group stages. You can modify it to have two or one point levels.
  • Set game scenario for knock out stages. You can select “Actual Matches” if you prefer to predict scores only and “Prediction Matches” if you prefer to have knock out teams to suit your player’s prediction.
  • Set points for knock out stages
  • Set points for penalty kick (if penalty kick is included)
  • Set points for bonus. There are up until 15 criteria that can earn bonus. They include predicting best player and top scorer. You can disable bonus points by typing zero in particular bonus criteria.
  • Type player names in Player Board worksheet
  • Type player score prediction in Game Board worksheet.
  • Type actual results in Game Board worksheet.
  • Track progress of your players in Player Leaderboard worksheet

World Cup 2022 Simple Prediction Game

Different from the above version, this version is more simple. No points variation. You predict the game correctly, you got one point. You can multiply this one point to maximum three point in KO rounds. Matches are based on actual matches. You can predict it round-by-rounds.

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There are two different spreadsheet models you can use. You can choose between the score prediction spreadsheet or match result prediction spreadsheet.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

This prediction game version allows you to pick 7 different winning teams in each rounds. Group Rounds (3 rounds), Round of 16, Quarter finals, Semifinals and Third Place/Final rounds. The key is picking from the third place/final match. Then you can continue to pick backward to the group rounds.

The winner is the last man standings.

World Cup 2022 Wall Chart

This world cup 2022 wall chart template is a printable spreadsheet where you can personalize before you print it. It has A3 size. Once you print it, you can stick it on your wall and update the scores manually. Or, you can use it as your schedule only.